Of green waters
and colourful woods

Longing lakeside moments

“The most beautiful stories all start with a decision being made. “

Bring your camera!

Live and experience

The fresh air during your walk in the woods, the nice Swiss couple with whom you talked about everything under the sun while bathing in the Lake Garda, the cosy time spent with your loved one on the couch while you enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake and the friendly lady at breakfast, who would be happy to serve you an extra fried egg magic just like that…

It’s often these little special features that you still remember many years later. We promise to create many opportunities at Favai Hills that allow for personal stories.

Did a certain event or an encounter particularly move you?

Each of our suites provides a nostalgic typewriter for you to record all your thoughts and beautiful moments and share them with us.

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A Happy Soul
in a Green Paradise

By Sognatore

Just a few steps behind the historic walls, an enchanting natural world, borne by raw beauty, opens up. Every single stone, every little wild plant in it seems to have been placed in innocent perfection.

Minutes that turned into fulfilling hours, in which I let the warm sand trickle through my feet, with an Aperitivo in my hand.

It was the perfect day to relax, accompanied by singing seagulls taking over the sky, the sun at its zenith on the horizon, bright as ever. Priceless moments of happiness overwhelmed me, my gaze lost in the eternal glow of the lake while my soul inhaled the gentle breeze of calm. I felt the tender kiss of the moment for long, until I woke up again in this dream.

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